Recertification requirements 2020

MCNZ proposed an 11-month waiver to the recertification requirements during the Covid19 pandemic. The Professional Standards Committee approved an extension in line with the MCNZ recommendation. This waiver was to ensure clinicians did not have to focus on CPD during a global pandemic when activities and availability of courses would be reduced.

What does this mean in practice?

When we ‘roll over’ your CPD record in ePortfolio (which occurs at the same time as your APC renewal), anything not shown as completed will be carried forward to the next year.  We will not add new targets. In effect, this means that you have two years to complete one year’s worth of recertification activities.

If your triennium ends between now and 28 February 2021, anything not shown as completed will be added to your new triennium.  If you are significantly behind in completing recertification activities (ie items are more than one year overdue), we will email you and ask you to attend to them.  You should complete them within the next few months if possible.

When you apply for your APC, you may check the box that states you are participating in an approved recertification process.

Registrars should note that you must complete 400 hours per year in approved urgent care clinical practice to count as a ‘training year’, and you must continue with supervision requirements.  Hours worked in urgent care will count towards Fellowship.

What do we recommend?

We recommend that you continue to complete CPD if possible, as part of your personal professional development. In particular, we recommend maintaining peer review meetings and sharing your challenges and learnings. Video conferencing is an acceptable means of completing peer interactions.

Recertification 2021

We hope to have the revised recertification programme in place before June 2021. If you have met your Portfolio targets prior to the ePortfolio roll-over, we hope to move you across to the revised programme. We will pro-rate those within their triennium.  Those who are significantly behind will not move across to the revised programme until activities have been completed.