The Curriculum subcommittee has completed the new curriculum document. We wish to acknowledge and thank the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and the Division of Rural Hospital Medicine New Zealand for their generous support in developing this document by permitting use of their Core Curriculum Statement as a base.

There are no new training requirements, but the outcomes have been better defined, in several layers.

The curriculum is organised into 5 domains of practice.

  1. Urgent care context
  2. Hauora Māori and cultural safety
  3. Clinical expertise and scholarship
  4. Professionalism (including safe practice, communication, and self-reflection and


  1. Leadership and management

These domains are defined, and the outcomes expected of a Fellow (graduate outcomes) are listed. These 5 sections of graduate outcomes have then been summarised into 5 overarching broad statements or programme outcomes.

The curriculum is then narrowed down into 16 subject areas, like those in the UCC with a few extra topics including Research and critical appraisal, for example. These subject areas have their own expected competencies/outcomes. Lastly, there is a framework of diagnosis, management and expected skills according to the subject areas, in line with the current Learning Objectives document.

RNZCUC encourages your feedback on this curriculum document. Please email Ainsley Goodman, the Curriculum committee convenor, at with any queries or comments. The curriculum will also be sent to external stakeholders for review, before being finalised.