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Accessing primary care records in urgent care

Digital health is continually providing new ways to provide information to clinicians.  Some systems now link primary care records with emergency department (ED) and urgent care (UC) systems.

We are interested in understanding your views on the risks and benefits of providing ED and UC clinicians with access to primary care records when patients present in the ED or UC.

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary.  Any information that you do provide will remain strictly confidential.  No personal details will be sought, therefore respondents’ identities will remain completely confidential.  It will not be possible to identify individuals who have contributed.

In order to help, please complete a short (12-15 minute) survey specifically designed for busy ED and UC clinicians.  To find our more information or to complete the survey, go to:

Macquarie University HREC Approval Macquarie University: 520209005322939  .  The Macquarie University Investigator Team members are: Professor Enrico Coiera, Dr David Lyell and Mr Tom Bowden