Is it safe to use topical local anaesthetic for the short term relief of the pain from a corneal abrasion?  Dr Rob Evison discusses the evidence.

The First10EM review by Dr Justin Morgenstern –

Fraser R et al.  Topical Anaesthetic in the treatment of corneal epithelial defects:  What are the risks?  Aust J Gen Pract Vol 48 Issue 8 August 2019

Waldman N et al.  An Observational study to determine whether routinely sending patients home with a 24-hour supply of topical tetracaine from the emergency department for simple corneal abrasion pain is potentially safe.  Annals Emergency Medicine 2018 June;71(6):767-778

Shipman S et al.  Short term topical tetracaine is highly efficacious for the treatment of pain caused by corneal abrasions: double-blind, randomised clinical trial.  Annals of Emergency Medicine 2020 Oct 27 online

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