We have two requests – the first is for you to send in questions about the clinical director role, and the second is to complete a short survey for medical directors.

Ask a question and win a prize at the Virtual Urgent Care Bootcamp courtesy of DJO

One of our Virtual Bootcamp sessions is looking at the many factors involved in being an urgent care clinical director. You may currently be a registrar aspiring to take up a clinical directorship in the future, or you may be a current clinical director who would like to know how your peers handle the role.

So we are after any questions you have about the role of clinical director, what it involves, what are the difficulties, what are the benefits, how can you think it can be improved? Send us your questions or thoughts by the end of this week, and they will be answered in next week’s talk. Send your questions by replying to this email.

The question deemed to be the most interesting and challenging will win a spot prize from one of our sponsors – DJO (open to NZ-based clinicians only). The winner will be announced during the talk on the Saturday of the Bootcamp.

There will be other spot prizes throughout the Bootcamp weekend, courtesy of DJO. DJO specialises in orthopaedic braces and splints and is proud to supply a number of urgent care clinics around NZ. DJO brands include Procare, Exos, Aircast and Donjoy.

Leadership in Urgent Care

Dr Dinesh Deonarain is presenting at the Bootcamp next month on the topic of leadership in urgent care. He’s exploring the leadership experience in UC and asks that medical directors complete this survey before the close of play Friday 11 September.