The dates for events we know about are:

Event Date
Trauma course 1 22 Jun 19
Skills Demonstration and Assessment Weekend 24 and 25 Aug 19
Urgent care boot camp 14 Sep 19
Fellowship ceremony 2019 14 Sep 19
Trauma course 3 15 Sep 19
PALS 12 and 13 Oct 19
UCPEX Written 2019 15 Nov 19
UCPEX OSCE 2019 16 Nov 19

PALS – we are arranging with a number of suppliers to provide PALS courses, allowing those from outside of Auckland to attend local courses.  We’ll be sending an update about this to those who need to complete a PALS course, once we have finalised the new agreements.The Communications course and trauma course are arranged with external providers.  Once we have finalised the dates with them we will update the website.