Venue: Christchurch, Rydges Latimer Square

Date: 17-18 September 2022

The 2022 Urgent Care Bootcamp, graduation ceremony, and Fellowship dinner will be held at the Rydges, Latimer Square, Christchurch, on September 17 and 18, with workshops on Friday (16 September) afternoon. Saturday will be the Bootcamp presentations – short talks delivering important, urgent care relevant learning points. On Sunday, there will be a half-day of panel discussions that will look to discuss deeper questions related to urgent care practice and management.

The graduation ceremony and Fellowship dinner on Saturday evening are our opportunity to congratulate and celebrate with those who have achieved Fellowship in the last two years. Certificates are awarded at the graduation ceremony. Those who have achieved Fellowship within the last three years are offered a complimentary ticket for the dinner.

There is a slight change this year to accommodate those could attend to receive their certificate but who are unable to attend the dinner. The graduation ceremony will precede the dinner.  We will provide finger food and drinks at the ceremony.

The dinner is black tie, formal suit, evening or cocktail dress, with wine (or soft drinks) and all food included. Waiting staff will bring food to the table.  You are able to indicate whom you would like to sit with if you are organising a group of friends or colleagues.


With the ongoing uncertainty and unpredictability for travel caused by the pandemic, we will live-stream the presentations and discussions for those who find they are unable to attend in person. Online participants will join breakout rooms to discuss talks and prepare questions for the presenters.




Time Talk Title Presenter
7:45 Welcome  
8:00 Antibiotics and Diverticulitis Dr Eleri Clissold
8:15 Digital Amputations Dr Dinesh Deonarain
8:30 Clinically appropriate USS referrals Dr Michael Austen
8:45 Common Cosmetic Medicine Complications and Emergencies  Dr Rachel Lee
9:00 Group discussions  
9:05 Q+A  
9:20 END  
9:30 Post Tonsillectomy Bleed Dr Lukasz Lachowicz
9:45 Dog Bites – part 1 Dr Natasha Duncan-Sutherland
10:00 Burn Blister management in Urgent Care Dr Zeeshan Ahmed
10:15 Cervical Spine Immobilisation Dr Paul Martin
10:30 Group Discussions  
10:35 Q+A  
10:50 END  
11:30 Philanthropy, Medical Volunteerism and Urgent Care Dr Dinesh Deonarain
11:45 Telehealth in UC – a lived experience Dr Sarah Clarke
12:00 High Altitude Basics – a review Dr Sonia Mariano
12:15 Leadership Dr Robyn Carey
12:30 Group Discussion  
12:35 Q+A  
12:50 END  
13:45 Dog Bites – part 2 Dr Natasha Duncan-Sutherland
14:00 Porphyria Amanda Biggs-Hume NP
14:15 Transnasal SPG Block in management of Acute Migraine Dr Selim Kebir
14:30 You’re Pregnant Dr Sam Rawlings
14:45 Group Discussion  
14:50 Q+A  
15:05 END  
15:30 Finger Tips – Part 1 Dr Miriam Martin
15:45 Finger Tips – Part 2 Dr Miriam Martin
16:00 EOLCA Dr Michael Austen
16:15 And another thing Dr Paul Martin
16:30 Group Discussion  
16:35 Q+A  
16:50 END  
17:00 CLOSE  

Day 1 Timetable – Bootcamp 2022


Time Session Topic
7:30 Breakfast Lecture Pending
8:00 Welcome back  
8:15 The Future of Urgent Care NZ is a world leader in UC.  As UC grows worldwide, how can we all expand and develop UC to mutually benefit our speciality?
8:45 Q+A  
9:00 END  
9:15 Community/Patient Care Properly funded Urgent Care is pivotal to improving equitable healthcare for Māori
9:45 Q+A  
10:00 END  
10:45 Primary to Secondary Care UC supports both primary and secondary care by reducing workload on both GP and ED.  What approaches are needed to continue and enhance this support.
11:15 Q+A  
11:45 END  
12:00 Health Equity Ensuring urgent care is considered within health reform decisions will significantly benefit patient access to healthcare
12:30 Q+A  
12:45 END  
13:00 Farewell  

Bootcamp recordings


If you would like to purchase a pass to watch the Bootcamp 2022 recordings:

Click here




Infection control plan

There is an infection control plan which, of course, may have to change. In brief:

  • Do not attend if ill or household contact.
  • Masks will be worn at all times except when eating.
  • The air conditioning system serves our floor and does not mix air with other floors.
  • There are windows and doors to a balcony along 2 walls of the conference room.


If you want to book your accommodation early we have a special link that gives reduced rates to those attending the 2022 Bootcamp.

Refunds in the event of cancellation (for any reason)

The College cancellation refund policy does not adequately cover possible scenarios we may encounter due to the ongoing pandemic.

If the College cancels the event completely, we will refund any funds paid. The College is not liable for other expenses or costs incurred.

If we have to move the entire Bootcamp to a virtual format (due to restrictions that do not allow us to hold the Bootcamp), we will be able to refund all dinner costs, plus any portion of the Bootcamp and Sunday panel fee that covers refreshments and food.

Bootcamp and Sunday panel attendance can be in person, online, or you have access to all recordings. Therefore we do not envisage refunds for these events if you notify us that you cannot attend less than 15 working days before Bootcamp (26 August).

If you cancel your ticket to the Fellowship dinner before 26 August we will be able to refund all monies paid. After that date, any sunk costs (ie costs we cannot ourselves get refunded back to us) cannot be refunded back to you.  We will, of course, do our best to minimise these amounts and refund as much as we can.

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