Training fees

The costs for the training programme are generally updated annually, though if external providers raise their prices unannounced, the College may have to update the charge immediately.

Most registrars are eligible for health workforce funding (see below). Registrars in Aotearoa New Zealand not eligible for HWNZ funding may receive a College subsidy for the costs of some components.

See the membership page for further information on the membership fee payment.

Health workforce support for NZ citizens and permanent residents

Health workforce provide funds to the College to support registrars to complete the training programme.  Funds are available to cover training programme costs and some, or all, of the College annual membership fee. In most cases, funds cover one iteration of any component, which means that if you fail a component you may be asked to pay yourself for the resit/retake. To be eligible for funds you must be:

  • Registered to practise medicine in NZ
  • At least PGY2
  • A NZ Citizen or permanent resident (note PRV is required)
  • Approved for funding by RNZCUC
  • On the RNZCUC training programme for no more than 4 years (though an extension for 6 years is allowed if you take time out of training for exceptional circumstances).

Those who do not meet these criteria may be able to apply for an exemption.

Requesting an exemption from the residency criterion

This is the most likely exemption asked for and is submitted to health workforce for approval.  In the past, HWNZ has agreed to exemptions where:

  • there is a demonstrable commitment to remaining in New Zealand,
  • the candidate concerned is to practise in a geographical area where there is a high need for the development of urgent care services, and
  • allowing the exemption will not require additional funding or divert funding from other suitable eligible candidates.
Applying for an exemption of residency criterion

RNZCUC will apply on behalf of the registrar.  Please send your request for an exemption from the health workforce residency criterion, along with the following information, to

  • MCNZ number and name
  • Applicable circumstances
    • Time already present in NZ
    • Current residency status
    • Intended date of the application (or receipt) for permanent residency (if applying for one).  This does not necessarily apply to Australian citizens
    • other information in this category that may help your application.
  • Evidence of commitment to remaining in New Zealand, eg
    • Work contract
    • Purchasing a property
    • Spouse or intended spouse is a NZ citizen or permanent resident
    • other information in this category that may help your application.
  • If Australian citizen
    • Information on schooling and medical training
      • If in NZ (and if so, where)
  • Evidence of commitment to urgent care and the community
    • Proposed career path, intentions for future work (clinics to be worked at)
    • Where you intend to work with additional information if this is a high needs area
    • other information in this category that may help your application.