Welcome to Episode 9 of the official podcast of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care.  Today I am joined by Dr Dave Sorrell to look back at recent Urgent Bites regarding Segond fractures, the Simmonds/Thompson test and using Antibiotics for UTI in the Elderly.  We also look at an interesting case of sub tarsal foreign body, talk about why kids are swallowing more foreign bodies than they used to and we talk about how the Junior Doctor Strikes affect Urgent Care.  We are then joined by Dr Afrax Adams to look at some college news including the upcoming Urgent Care Boot Camp.

Segond Fracture Bite – https://rnzcuc.podbean.com/e/urgent-bite-24-the-segond-fracture/

Simmonds Thompson Test Bite – https://rnzcuc.podbean.com/e/urgent-bite-23-simmondsthompson-test-which-way-is-positive/

Antibiotics for UTI in the Elderly – https://rnzcuc.podbean.com/e/urgent-bite-20-antibiotics-for-uti-in-the-elderly/

BBC article on Bees under the eyelids


Kids swallowing more Foreign Bodies than 20 years ago story


Article about Junior Doctor Strikes





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