Welcome to your ENT quiz 2020

By completing this quiz and reviewing and reflecting on the links supplied in the answers, 1 hour of CPD time may be claimed.

1. Epistaxis
Regarding using nasal specula in epistaxis management, which of the following is correct?
2. Nasal Trauma
Which of these statements about nasal trauma is not correct?
3. Pharyngitis/Tonsillitis
Which of these are not part of the high-risk rheumatic fever criteria in the Heart Foundation GAS sore throat algorithm?
4. Rhinosinusitis
Which of these signs is an indication for consideration of antibiotic therapy in bacterial sinusitis?
5. Acute Otitis Media
Which of these statements is not true about AOM?
6. Acute Otitis Media
Referring to the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne guidelines, which of these statements is not true?
7. Otitis externa
Acute same day ENT review is not warranted in which of these situations?
8. Cholesteotoma
Which of these is not a risk group for Cholesteotoma?
9. Mastoiditis
Which of the statements about mastoiditis is not true?
10. Neck Lumps
Which of these statements is not true about neck lumps?