The historic streets of Edinburgh are layered with hundreds of years of medical history.  During a modern day global pandemic, a look back at the past can inform the present.

Find details of the walk I followed at the RCPE website


James Young Simpson – demonstrated use of Chloroform


Joseph Lister – the Father of modern Surgery


Robert Philip – pioneer in treatment of TB


The Historic Charlotte Square


The paper on the 1997 Hogmanay event – O’Donnell JJ, Gleeson AP, Smith H. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Celebrations: beyond a major disaster.  J Accid Emerg Med. 1998 Jul;15(4): 272-273.


Burke and Hare – the famous bodysnatchers/murderers


The Edinburgh Infirmary


Surgeons Hall riot and the Edinburgh Seven


The Surgeons Hall Museum


Deacon Brodie


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Braes of Melinish by Harpo Marks

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