In response to the recent survey on the proposed quarterly supervision appraisal form, the Education Committee responded:

Following the MCNZ accreditation visit in 2021, RNZCUC has undertaken to develop a more robust supervision form and align supervision requirements with the MCNZ. A working group was established and the Quarterly Appraisal Form developed. This form is more detailed than the previous form and also has specific questions regarding Registrar progress through the training programme and also Registrar health and well-being. We have tried to reach a balance in the level of reporting, acknowledging the time and effort Registrars and Supervisors put into supervision, meetings and completing the paperwork.   

We sought feedback from Registrars and Supervisors as part of the consultation process and we appreciate the feedback you gave. In summary the majority of Registrars and Fellows were positive about the requirement for fewer meetings (89% of respondents). Most (90%) felt the requirements would be achievable in a one-hour meeting. For the other questions asked there were a majority of positive responses to the new form. We received a range of comments about the new form, and most were positive. We support those who choose to have more meetings. Both the Supervisor and Registrar can choose to discuss matters not included in the form.

Liaison with Connect Communication, our supervision training provider, means the new form can be considered in supervision training and we also made some changes based on their feedback. Most importantly this was in relation to Registrar health and well-being.

The initial form has undergone some changes based on feedback you gave. We appreciate and thank you for the depth of thought put into the survey. Our aim is to provide support for Supervisors and Registrars where difficulties are identified. If issues are identified between forms being submitted the Director of Clinical Training may be contacted ( 

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on the form development. Ngā mihi nui.