Thank you for examining at RNZUC OSCE 2020

The OSCE exam is on Saturday 21 November 2020 at Manukau SuperClinic, Auckland. Click here for map. There is plenty of parking on site. If you have not examined at the OSCE previously, we recommend arriving 7.30, otherwise 7.45 is recommended.

On arrival, please follow the admin team’s instructions, sign in, and ENSURE YOU COLLECT A NAME BADGE from reception (and wear it all day).

Go upstairs to module 7a, where someone can show you to the room you are using.

In your room there will be all equipment and paperwork required.  If you have a patient, the actor for that role should be in the room when you arrive.

Task paperwork and instructions will be laminated.

For each OSCE group, there will be a list of candidates, in order of appearance. The marking sheets will be similarly collated, stapled together in candidate order. Please retain all marking sheets until the end of the day.  There is at least one ‘gap’ and already one candidate has pulled out sick (we’ll tell you, but your paperwork still has their name etc, so please draw line across and put no show).

When marking, ensure you check the candidate name and number is the same as the one on the marking sheet. Hold on to all paperwork until after the debrief (AM will collect).

First OSCE starts 0900, second at 1230.

Lunch is from 1130 in the reception area of module 7. Staff can direct you.

At the end of the second OSCE, please gather in the reception area of module 7 for a debrief (around one hour). There will be post-OSCE drinks at Republic bar and kitchen.