RNZCUC sets aside funds each year to support research (or research-like projects) in urgent care.  The College shares this between doctors whose research/project has been recognised as supporting the College’s strategic objectives or advances urgent care in some way.  The grants can cover any part of the research or project, and can be at any stage (other than already-completed and published).

The Executive Committee seeks applications for grants for 2021.  If you wish to apply, please send a proposal via email to the General Manager (adrian@rnzcuc.org.nz) before 9am, 3 May.

Proposals should include:

  • Applicant details (Name, contact details)
  • Background information about the research/project
  • An explanation about how the results of the research/project would support the College strategy or contribute knowledge to the domain of urgent care
  • Timeframes (and project plan if over several years)
  • How much is being allocated/spent overall
  • What sources of funding have already been applied for, or are already approved/received
  • The amount you request from the College
  • If there would be restrictions on the College having access to the result(s) and sharing it via the website or at conferences.

A subcommittee appointed by the Executive Committee will assess the proposals and make their recommendation.  The Executive Committee are likely to make their decision within 4 weeks of the application deadline.

The College expects that the results of the research/paper will be available for publication on the RNZCUC website at no additional cost to the College.  If it is to be published in a research publication this would also be acceptable as long as we have permission to link to the article (and it is accessible without a further subscription).

We would expect you to present your research findings at the Goodfellow symposium or future urgent care conference.  This would be, at a minimum, a poster presentation outlining the research/paper available for viewing by attendees and a 10 minute oral presentation (including a brief abstract, methodology and results) of the research paper.  Ideally a longer presentation would be possible.

Some or all of the grant amount will be available to successful applicants ahead of the research (or in set amounts at pre-agreed dates or completion of targets), subject to them accepting any requirements or stipulations of the Executive Committee. These would include those above plus any jointly-agreed dates for activities to be completed.