The cost of running an advert for an urgent care vacancy is $200 (GST excl).

We will publish your advert on the website, and it will remain there until you notify us that it is no longer required, or after one year.

In the “Urgent care vacancies” section on the home page there will be one line of text (typically the headline of up to 40 characters) and a logo.  This will be a clickable link to navigate to the advert page.  The image below shows how this may appear.

On a separate webpage, we will publish the full text and image/logo that you provide. Viewers navigate to this from the homepage link, newsletter, or URL (site address).  The image below shows how this may appear (or see this published advert).

In our monthly newsletter there is heading and link to the situations vacant section of the website.

We will ask you to provide:

  • Advert headline (for the homepage, webpage, newsletter) of up to 40 characters (including spaces).
  • Logo (png format)
  • Text for the newsletter (maximum 40 words)
  • Text for the webpage, formatted to show how you would like it to appear on the webpage
  • An additional image for the webpage advert, if you wish to provide one
  • Links to additional information held by you (eg pdf on your shared drive, your website).

We reserve the right not to publish adverts without having to provide a reason.  Changes to published adverts may attract an additional administration fee.

If you would like to advertise please send the information above to or complete the form below (click blue button).