Urgent Care is growing at an explosive rate all over the world.  Dr Joshua Russell, @UCPracticeTips , the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine (JUCM), joins us to discuss the American UC experience.

He also extends an invitation to members of the New Zealand and International UC community to join him in an academic transformation in UC by contributing to the JUCM, the only peer reviewed UC journal in the world.

JUCM is now accepting applications for the Section Editor position for Research Abstracts.  If interested contact editor@jucm.com

Interested in submitting your research, case studies or other UC relevant writings?  Find out more at www.jucm.com/submit-an-article/





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Podcast Hosted by Dr Guy Melrose

This podcast is intended to assist in ongoing medical education and peer discussion for qualified health professionals.  Please ensure you work within your scope of practice at all times.  For personal medical advice always consult your usual doctor