The Board of Censors (BoC) has re-evaluated how we offer the exam this year, considering the various responses to the pandemic. We have decided to run the written exam in multiple locations, and continue to plan to run the OSCE in Auckland.

Final details (and confirmation of what we intend to run) will be released on or before 16 October.  Registrars attending the OSCE should not book flights (or book, but with travel insurance) before this date.

The exam will take place at alert levels 1 or 2.  If Auckland is at level 3 or 4, and other parts of the country at level 2, the written exam is likely to continue at other venues but the OSCE will not take place.  If you are in a part of the country at level 3 or 4, we will not hold the written exam where you are, and you will not be permitted to take the exam in another part of the country.

Written exam – Fri 20 Nov, 9am registration

The written exam will be held in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, and Dublin.  In Aotearoa New Zealand it takes place on Friday 20 November but has been moved to the morning.   The earliest start time (registration) is 9am. The change in the start time of the written paper allows candidates the additional time to travel to Auckland should they wish to take the OSCE.

In Auckland the location will remain Manukau Institute of Technology. We are finalising suitable venues in the other locations.

OSCE – Sat 21 Nov, all day (earliest registration 7.30am)

We may hold the OSCE at Manukau Superclinic but are currently looking for a venue that will allow easier physical distancing and better flow of fresh air.

Changes are planned to how we run the OSCE and stations to reduce the likelihood of transmission.

Should the OSCE not run in November, the alternative date is Saturday 27 February 2021.