In case you missed it, recently the Executive Committee agreed that only current members may use post-nominal letters FRNZCUC (or MRNZCUC in the case of senior registrars).  If you pause your recertification or training for more than six months, you must cease to use them.  The Fellowship regulations include guidelines on how to present your Fellowship of RNZCUC in your CV should you be a non-member.

If you intend to pause your training or recertification, it is very important that you tell us before the intended date, or immediately that you choose to do it. We’ve encountered challenges with our data and reporting because we’ve been trying to accommodate situations when doctors give us a backdated day that they went on hold (either training or recertification). This has caused us significant problems, so from an administration perspective we can no longer do this. The date we use is the earliest of the date we receive your communication, or the date you tell us that you intend to go on hold. On return, your request to rejoin the programme is assessed by the DCT/DPD, and if necessary, the Board of Censors.

This is a gentle reminder that it’s your responsibility to keep us informed of changes of workplaces, supervisors, and contact details. We’ve had a few instances where we can’t reach doctors who appear to have forgotten about their annual requirements.

On rollover (at the same time as PC renewal), we check your ePortfolio and let you know if we think you’re behind. MCNZ have recently asked us to let them know when doctors are behind, and we’ve agreed that this should happen three months after rollover when a doctor hasn’t caught up or doesn’t have a plan to. Thus, if we identify that you are behind on annual requirements or recertification, and you are not engaging with us to develop a plan to rectify this, expect an email from MCNZ.