ACC have released their 2018 Adverse Events report. This is the 10th national report on adverse events published by the Health Quality and Safety Commission.
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The report presents a summary of adverse events reported between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018 from health service providers across Aotearoa. ACC are “mindful that each of the events discussed in this and previous reports has caused or had the potential to cause, harm or death to a consumer or a member of their whānau. However, reporting such events gives voice to those harmed and allows providers to review and learn from what happened and put measures in place to prevent consumers from suffering harm in the same way in the future”.  ACC would “like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the consumers and their whānau who suffered from the adverse events included in the report. As service providers we must learn from these tragedies and work diligently to reduce the likelihood of harm happening to others”.