The RNZCUC-approved clinical audit options are listed below.  On completion of an audit, use the information to develop goals and activities in your PDP.  For any audits other than CNA or PSS, record the audit as completed on your ePortfolio, remembering to load the completed paperwork as supporting documentation.


Clinical Notes Audit (CNA)

You can opt to complete a CNA at any time.


Patient Satisfaction Survey (PSS)

You can opt to to complete a PSS at any time.


Tikanga Māori

Tikanga Māori best practice audit.


Referral data assessment audit

Self-audit of referral data completeness.


Referred patient outcome audit

Self-audit of referral outcomes.


Fracture x-ray interpretation audit

Comparison of your x-ray diagnoses with a radiologist’s.


Suture outcome audit

Analysis of sutured wound outcomes.


An audit of your choice

You may choose to perform an audit of your choice.  Prior approval from the College is required, The audit must meet the criteria below.

  1. The topic for the audit relates to an area of your practice that may be improved.
  2. The process is feasible in that there are sufficient resources to undertake the process without unduly jeopardising other aspects of health service delivery.
  3. An identified or generated standard is used to measure current performance.
  4. An appropriate written plan is documented.
  5. Outcomes of the audit are documented and discussed.
  6. Where appropriate an action plan is developed that will identify and maximise the benefit of the process to patient outcomes. The plan should outline how the actions will be implemented and a process of monitoring.
  7. Subsequent audit cycles are planned, where required, so that the audit is part of a process of continuous quality improvement.