We’ve updated the ethnicity options on the website as a result of feedback and changing requirements on the College.  We ask that you take the time to let us know which ethnicity/ies you identify with by completing your profile page on the website.  To do this, log in to your profile on the website.  Alternatively, email admin@rnzcuc.org.nz and we can make the changes for you.

It’s important that we record the ethnicity that our doctors identify with so that we can strengthen our approach to cultural competence. MCNZ have a focus on strengthening cultural competence and we’re keen to confirm what we believe – that we have a diverse mix of ethnicities working in urgent care.  Unfortunately we don’t have accurate information to work from, so we ask that you help by completing these details in your profile.

MCNZ in particular wish for us to identify how many Māori and Pasifika registrars and Fellows practise urgent care as part of the overall strategy of addressing health inequities in New Zealand.

We recognise that people may identify with several ethnicities.  Thus we are providing options for up to three to be declared, which we believe will cover almost everyone in the College.

Once you log in, you’ll see that there are three boxes for ethnicity.  Box one (“primary ethnicity”) and two offer a drop-down list of ethnicities, along with two additional choices of ‘rather not say’ and ‘other not listed’.  Box three allows free form text. If you feel that the options offered does not adequately describe the ethnicity you identify with, provide the information in column three.

We have opted for the term New Zealander rather than “Pākeha” as the latter term tends to be used for ‘white and formerly-European’.  “New Zealander” allows for people from a wider range of countries to express their identity as Kiwi.  For example, I (Adrian) moved to NZ 16 years ago. I now identify primarily as a New Zealander, and secondarily as European. I might also choose to type “English” in the third column (or more likely, “Yorkshireman”).

We’re willing to change the drop-down lists if there is enough call to do so.  We made a judgement on what ethnicities to include based on what data we have.  If a particular ethnicity is included in box three several times, we’ll adjust the drop-down lists to include that ethnicity.