A reminder that your opportunity to nominate members for consideration for the Executive Committee will end at 9am Friday 8 March. If you wish to nominate either yourself, or another member, please do so before the deadline. Email the General Manager (adrian@rnzcuc.org.nz) with your nomination.

Members will vote on who they wish to appoint to the Executive Committee at the AGM.  Online voting for all position will be open from 3pm Friday 15 March.  At the 2019 AGM there will be three vacancies to be filled; one officer position (treasurer) and two committee member positions.  The Governance policy includes more information on the role of the Executive Committee. The Governance policy and College rules include information on voting procedures, representation and co-option.

Those nominated will be asked to:

  • Clearly identify which post(s) they wish to stand for
  • Send a short bio that can be published on the website
  • Be available for a podcast interview
  • Prepare, if they wish, a short video that can be published on YouTube (and linked from the website).