The NZMA would like your feedback on the final draft of their code of ethics. We received the following email.

As you may know, in view of the large amount of feedback received during the second round of consultation on the review of the NZMA Code of Ethics, publication of the updated Code this year was deferred.

The NZMA Ethics Committee has now completed consideration of all feedback received and is conducting a third round of consultation on a proposed final draft of the updated Code (NZMA Code of Ethics Final Draft). Amendments that have been made following the second round of consultation are shown in red.

All feedback will be passed to the Ethics Committee who will convene again early next year to finalise the Code which will be presented for adoption at the NZMA Council in May 2020.

If you wish to provide any further feedback, could you please send your to Sanji Gunasekara ( ) comments by close of business Friday 31 January 2020.