The possible Credits for Prior Learning and Experience (CPLE) are summarised in a simplified form below.

Requirement CPLE allowed
Four years of RNZCUC-approved experience 400 hours per year; applicant can choose the start date for each year.
3,000 hours of RNZCUC-approved experience Max 1,500 hours
Up to 1,500 hours UC/ED/RHM
Up to 500 GP hours
Up to 1,500 hours of armed forces medicine
Patient Satisfaction Survey (PSS) RNZCGP PSS or InPractice patient review or equivalent; completed no more than 3 years prior to joining.
Clinical epidemiology / biostatistics university paper See Fellowship regulation note 4.
Paediatrics university paper See Fellowship regulation note 4.
Registrar-selected, College-approved university paper See Fellowship regulation note 4.
Skills Demonstration and Assessment Weekend Optional but recommended.
Core skills Dependent on demonstration of prior experience to the satisfaction of the EdC.
Trauma Day Recent (1) ATLS, EMST, the UoA Immediate Care paper or equivalent.
Communications Day PRIMEX or equivalent (should include simulated consultation, and topics such as breaking bad news).
Paediatric Advance Life Support (PALS) Recent (1) APLS, PALS or equivalent (minimum two-day course).
ACLS Recent (1) completion of ACLS and certificate is current.
Clinic attendance – orthopaedics (20 hours)

Clinics – 12 months of registrar recent (1) experience, in the clinic concerned.


Ambulance – equivalent ambulance experience.

Clinic attendance – plastics (10 hours)
Clinic attendance – radiology (10 hours)
Clinic attendance – emergency medicine (10 hours)
Clinic attendance – ENT (4 hours)
Clinic attendance – ophthalmology (4 hours)
Clinic attendance – ambulance (1 shift)

1) Completed within the last five years

Please note that this table includes information from the Fellowship Regulations. If there is a conflict between the table and the Fellowship Regulations, the latter is the authorative document.