Training manual now online embedded within the website

The previous accreditation manual (accreditation manual 2017) is now replaced completely by the website pages starting with “completing the training programme”.  You are able to download individual pages as a pdf document and print them.  In the previous manuals the ongoing CPD requirements were embedded within the document. Now that they are online, the CPD requirements are called ‘recertification’, and registrars are required to complete annual recertification requirements in addition to training requirements.

Urgent Care Course update

We previously informed you that the online urgent care course material is being updated, with a significant amount of editing and new information.  The team have updated all information in module 1 – medicine.  No further major changes will occur now until AFTER the 2019 UCPEX. Questions in the UCPEX will be developed from information available through the urgent care course.

UCPEX 2019

We remind registrars that to attend UCPEX 2019 you are required to have achieved a pass in the clinical notes audit.  The CNA should be submitted within the first three months of starting the training programme. Those wishing to attend UCPEX this year should ensure they submit their CNA for marking before 1 September.

Skills Demonstration and Assessment Weekend (SDAW)

The checklist of skills to be assessed at the SDAW will be released within the next 10 days to those who have booked to attend. If you have not confirmed your place, you will not be able to attend. It is optional, but highly recommended and excellent preparation for the OSCE.

Core Skills List (CSL) sign-off

The Education Committee have confirmed that CSL sign-off is a compulsory element of the training programme.  The full CSL is in its final stages of development.  Some of the skills are covered at SDAW, and registrars may achieve the sign-off the requirement there (subject to time constraints).  Those who had skills signed-off during the 2018 SDAW are still to have the remaining core skills signed-off once they are published.  A table of use-case scenarios is available on the website.  Questions about the sign-off requirement should be directed to the TPC ( who will forward them on to the Education Committee.