Following on from the AGM, the College Executive Committee (ExC) co-opts members and appoints convenors of the standing committees.  This year, the ExC appointed a member to represent Māori members, and an educational specialist. The latter is needed to ensure the training programme meets high academic standards.


Your Executive Committee for 2021-22 is:


Chair: Kelvin Ward

Secretary: Jasmine MacKay

Treasurer: Stephen Adams


Ainsley Goodman

Alistair Sullivan

Dinesh Deonarain

Jude Walsh

Matt Wright

Rain Lamdin

Sarah Gardiner

Stephanie Claxton


The standing committees are:


Board of Censors

Convenor: Jasmine MacKay

Membership: Matt Wright, Kelvin Ward, Stephen Adams


Education Committee

Convenor: Rain Lamdin

Membership: Ainsley Goodman, Stephen Adams, Sarah Gardiner, Tae Young Yoon


Professional Standards Committee

Convenor: Jude Walsh

Membership: Sarah Hartnell, Stephen Adams, Andrew Stacey, Dinesh Deonarain


Policy Committee

Convenor: Ainsley Goodman

Membership: tbc


Facility Audit Committee

Co-convenors: Richard Powell and Alistair Sullivan

Membership: Belinda Van Gruting


Australian Faculty Committee

Convenors: John Adie and Alistair Sullivan

Membership: None needed


Pandemic Response Subcommittee

Convenor: Kelvin Ward

Membership: Richard Chen, David Gollogly, Jasmine MacKay


Registrar Subcommittee

Convenor: Sarah Gardiner

Membership: Adrianne Pimentel, Yoon Tae Young, Kirin Tan