RNZCUC requires attendance at these specialists clinics as part of the training programme:

  • Orthopaedics (20 hours)
  • Plastics (10 hours)
  • Radiology (10 hours)
  • Emergency Medicine (10 hours)
  • ENT (4 hours)
  • Ophthalmology (4 hours)
  • Ambulance (1 shift)

RNZCUC encourages trainees where possible to choose specialist clinics that are held in urgent care clinics and / or which review patients referred from an urgent care or emergency department. In the case of eyes and ENT, please try to attend clinics that see acute self-referrals or urgent care / ED referrals.

In some circumstances there may be little or no sub-speciality in your area e.g. plastics. In these circumstances, please contact the Director of Clinical Training.  We may suggest alternatives such as orthopaedic hands, wound care clinics and hand therapy. Some DHBs have restrictions on attending services so we recommend enquiring with the department on how to attend.  If you require any assistance in finding clinics to attend please contact the office for further information.