A research project is a compulsory component of the RNZCUC training programme. This is to be completed after passing the University of Auckland’s Evidence for Best Practice paper (POPLHLTH 709) or RNZCUC-approved equivalent paper.  Senior registrars should be able to read and absorb medical literature, to research a subject of some relevance to their clinical practice, and to write an acceptable scientific article. The research project can be one of:

  • a case history
  • clinical guidelines
  • original research.

A high standard is expected, and it is anticipated that the best projects will be submitted for publication.

The length of any option is between 2500 and 3000 words.  Further information can be found here.

An outline or draft of the proposed research paper must be submitted to RNZCUC at the stage before starting intensive work so that relevance can be ascertained and research direction agreed.

Outlines and final papers should be emailed to alex@rnzcuc.org.nz. Acceptable formats are Word (.doc or .docx) and pdf.  Copies of submitted work should be kept by the registrar in case of dispute or papers going missing.  The paper will be submitted to Turnitin to confirm originality.

RNZCUC does not issue exemptions for the research paper. Retrospective approval for work done in the past will not be given, and any failures will result in the need to repeat with a new paper.