Pandemic response information – urgent care clinics
RNZCUC Facility Audit Subcommittee statement on urgent care opening hours; COVID19 pandemic response 1 April 2020

“Urgent Care clinics are contractually obliged under UC2015 standard to be open 8am to 8pm 7 days a week.
RNZCUC understands with the lockdown there has been a dramatic reduction in need which has placed significant financial stress on clinics.
Reduction of hours is acceptable on a temporary basis as long as the needs of the community are met.
If medically demand increases with or without a lockdown then clinics have a duty of care to increase clinic hours.

Negotiations are ongoing to secure additional funding for Urgent Care Clinics.

Where ever possible maintain normal working hours or minimum 8am to 8pm.
If necessary can consider small reduction in hours eg to 7pm or 6pm in evening
Any reduction to finish before 6pm requires serious consideration. Are you meeting the needs of the community?
If you close the clinic earlier than 8pm consider a phone diversion service that you can provide phone consultation/ advise from home for your population.”

Resuscitation training requirements – urgent care clinics (issued 16 April)

That all recertification requirements for doctors including ACLS has a one year pause.
That ACLS requirements for nurses as part of UC2015 is deferred until at least 30 September 2020.

Audits (issued 16 April)

Requirements for audits shall not be enforced for the period 1 march until 30 sept 2020. However many clinics are quiet at the moment so it may be time saving on to get up to date on audits.

Clinics that wish to become accredited to the Urgent Care Standard (UCS) should engage an approved auditor, who will advise the clinic on preparing for the audit. Once the clinic is prepared, the auditing team, comprising a professional auditor and an RNZCUC-approved urgent care Fellow will assess wide-ranging aspects of the clinic including the clinic building and fit-out, systems, and compliance with legislation.

Compliance with the UCS can appear daunting.  RNZCUC has attempted to make the document as practical and useful as possible, though the need to comply with legislation and current quality-assurance industry practices has led to some requirements the purpose of which is not immediately obvious. Additional guidance is provided in the “particular requirements” and their explanation.

Clinics must be re-accredited every three years.

Facility audit subcommittee

RNZCUC has a Facility Audit Subcommittee (FAS), responsible for all aspects of the UCS and its application, including updating particular requirements, revision of the UCS, providing RNZCUC Fellows to attend audits as technical experts, and sign-off of audits.

The FAS has issued policy statements, with additional guidelines to auditing bodies.

Approved auditing bodies submit the audit to the FAS for endorsement.  The FAS follow these guidelines, endorsing, or otherwise, the audits.

RNZCUC charges a small fee for audit endorsement.  The standard fee (as at 1 July 2019) is $420.80 (GST excl). When an audit endorsement is particulary challenging or requires additional time to complete, further charges (at current MCNZ rates for payments of contractors) apply.

Approved Auditors

Janice McEwan
Email: Mobile: 029 2347500

Cathy Cummings
Email: Mobile: 021 470 332 Website: Phone: 04 499 0367
Fax: 04 499 0368

Address: PO Box 5088, Lambton Quay, Wellington
6145, New Zealand


Paula Stewart: Audit Co-ordinator
Office: 09 274 3525
Address: 24 Fusion Road Flat Bush, Auckland 2016, New Zealand


BSI Group New Zealand Ltd (previously HDANZ)

Jim DuRose: Certification Manager

Office: 0800 44 99 11



Address: BSI Group NZ Ltd, PO Box 19-541, Woolston, Christchurch 8241, New Zealand