Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care’s annual general meeting will take place at 6pm, Tuesday 22 March using an online platform (Zoom webinar).

As in previous years, full members will be able to submit apologies, appoint a proxy, and vote on Executive Committee appointments by logging in to the College website and navigating to the AGM voting page. Voting will open at 3pm, Monday 14 March and close 3pm Tuesday 22 March.  Acceptance of reports, and items to be voted on at the AGM, will take place using the webinar polling system.  This operated successfully at previous AGMs.

Any member wishing to raise a motion or matter for discussion should inform the GM ( by 9am Monday 28 February, but preferably before Wednesday 16 February (the date of the next Executive Committee meeting).

The agenda, details of the voting page, videoconference system, and information for each of the motions will be shared on or before 7 March.

Period for nominations to the Executive Committee now open

The period for nominations to the Executive Committee is now open, and ends at 9am Monday 7 March.  Voting for all positions will open at 3pm Monday 14 March and close 3pm Tuesday 22 March.

Standing down are the treasurer (officer position) and two members (ordinary positions) as their terms of office end.

Should any current committee member successfully stand for the officer position, or stand down for other reasons, the additional committee member position(s) that becomes vacant will be filled from those standing for the ordinary committee member positions. Those standing down in 2022 can be re-elected if they wish to stand again.

Members may stand for both the treasurer position and committee member position(s). Votes cast for them in one position are not transferred to the other position.

You may nominate yourself or another member of the College. If you wish to nominate another member, please first confirm that they would like to stand for a position (or positions), then email the General Manager ( with your nomination. Those nominated will be asked to:

  • Identify which post(s) they wish to stand for.
  • Send a short bio that can be published on the website. See the website for examples.
  • Be available for a podcast interview.
  • If they wish, prepare a short video for publication to our private Vimeo account, and linked from the website.