With our March AGM not achieving a quorum, it was important to get enough numbers voting at the July AGM to achieve the required quorum.  The office is “sorry, not sorry” that we sent out almost daily reminders to those who hadn’t yet voted. Thank you everyone for taking the time to vote.

Many attended the AGM using webinar technology. The polling process worked well.  Reports were approved almost unanimously by members. One motion was raised from the floor “That the College strategy include an additional objective: Advocacy and support in general for members’ working conditions and welfare”. This motion was approved by members. The task of the Executive Committee is to develop this objective into a series of actions to be implemented over the next few years.  We are likely to consult with members on what they wish to be included as part of this strategy development.

Jasmine MacKay was voted in as Secretary, and Ainsley Goodman, Dinesh Deonarain, Matt Wright and Steph Claxton voted in as ordinary members.  We congratulate them, and offer our commiserations to those who didn’t get voted in this year.

Post AGM – what happens next

The Executive Committee holds a meeting shortly after the AGM to co-opt in accordance with the representation policy.  This ensures that the committee has members that can represent the members throughout the country.  The Executive Committee also appoints the convenors of the subcommittees.  The subcommittee convenors are mostly (though not necessarily) members of the Executive Committee.

The convenors appoint the subcommittee members.  The roles of the different committees are on the website: https://rnzcuc.org.nz/about/governance/. This year we’ve received several offers from members willing to support the College and keen to be involved in the range of subcommittees.  We emailed everyone, but if you can’t find that email and wish to volunteer for a subcommittee, email the General Manager (adrian@rnzcuc.org.nz) this weekend. Include a short bio (one or two paragraphs); if you have any knowledge, skills, qualifications, or experience relating to the role of the subcommittee you are interested in, it is worth mentioning these.


AGM 2020 Video recording