The members vote for the Executive Committee (ExC) at the AGM.  The ExC members voted for are three officers (Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer) and six committee members.  The ExC may co-opt up to three additional members, to ensure the ExC is representative of the members. Thus the ExC will have at least one member who represents:

  • South Island
  • North Island outside Auckland
  • Trainees
  • Those working in ED.

ExC members hold their position for three years (unless replacing someone who left the ExC early in their term).  Each year the members normally vote for one officer and two members.  Voting takes place in the period prior to the AGM, with voting closed at the start of the AGM.

The draft governance policy provides more detail on the ExC and how it operates.  The ExC is responsible for:

  • Overall management of College affairs.
  • College strategy.
  • Overall management of College funds.
  • Meeting legislative requirements.
  • Compliance with the College’s Rules and Regulations, and policies.
  • Branch accreditation with the MCNZ.
  • Coordinating conferences and events.
  • Foster research.
  • Relations with external organisations

The ExC meets four times a year, normally at the College offices in Auckland.  Those outside Auckland typically attend by vc, though some do coordinate the meetings with travel to Auckland.  Being an “executive” members are expected to be involved in College projects and subcommittees created for specific events (e.g. Skills Demonstration and Assessment Weekend, Fellowship ceremony, UCPEX. policy development team).  Typically, the convenor of the standing subcommittees is a member of the ExC, but this is not always so.  Members of the subcommittees are made up of ExC members and others. All committee members are remunerated for their time in line with the fees, allowances and travel policy.