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Air purifiers with an ionising function
While we strongly advise that clinics purchase HEPA filter air purifiers (as per earlier emails), if ventilation is inadequate, we advise against purchasing an air purifier with an ionising function. There is no peer reviewed evidence that electronic ioniser functions provide any benefit over and above that which is provided by a HEPA filter alone. Additionally, there are safety concerns related to the compounds emitted by ionisers, or the secondary products of ongoing chemical reactions (Collins et al, and Joo et al) If you have already purchased a filter with an ioniser function, local expert advice is to turn the ionising function off until safety is established.

Vaccine mandate for healthcare workers
This has now been gazetted.
In summary:
  • Comes into effect at 11.59pm on 25 October.
  • First dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by 15 November 2021.
  • Fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022.
  • Full gazetted notice
  • MoH guidance
Third primary dose consent form
MoH advises: “As announced last week, the COVID-19 Vaccine Technical Advisory Group has recommended an approach for providing a third primary dose to people who are severely immunocompromised.

Consent form
The consent form required for the third dose is available via Health Pathways and via this Dropbox link:
This form must be completed by the person requiring the third dose and their doctor and presented with the third dose prescription at the time of vaccination.
To check who is eligible for a third primary dose, please go to page 4 of the Policy Statement.”

Vaccine exemptions
The MoH advises:

  • The Ministry of Health is working on the clinical guidance for medical exemption for vaccination. The guidance is being considered by our COVID-19 Vaccine Technical Advisory Group and will be published when ratified.
  • Those applying for a medical exemption for vaccination for their patients will need to complete and submit a standardised exemption application form to the Ministry of Health.
  • Information about the guidance and the application process will be shared the week of 8 November.

With thanks,

David Gollogly, Jasmine Mackay, Richard Chen, Kelvin Ward
Pandemic Response Subcommittee