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Financial support for UCCs

The MoH gave an update yesterday; the funding package should be considered by Cabinet on Thursday, and potentially signed off on Friday, a week later than originally planned.

Ministry of Health update

We had a videoconference with MoH and the RNZCGP representatives today.
  • The MoH is addressing the idea of regional ‘cold and flu’ centres, and of what to do with and advise to a newly diagnosed Covid-19 patient to reduce the chance of severe illness; we’ve offered to work with them and the RNZCGP on both issues.
  • Serological (IgG / IgM) testing, and the policy on mask use remain under review.
  • RNZCGP will supply us their experts’ opinions on who exactly they consider to be an ‘at risk’ person – for example poorly controlled vs well controlled diabetics; we will send this on.

UC research: CXR findings and sensitivity in Covid-19 presenting to UCCs

The JUCM have released a paper, showing abnormal CXR findings in only 42% of 636 Covid-19 patients, as diagnosed by positive RT-PCR test.

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David Gollogly, Jasmine Mackay, Richard Chen
Pandemic Response Committee