Dear Member / owner,

Numbers continue to fall in a very pleasing way, and today’s new cases as a percentage of total cases fell to 2.4% (from 55% just before lockdown).

The College and individual members are still active in encouraging strong measures during and after lockdown to reduce the chance of a flare-up of new cases, and today, the Ministry announced a quarantine of all new arrivals.

Financial assistance

The Ministry said they’d update us tomorrow or on Saturday on financial assistance to UCCs.


On 8/4/20 the MoH announced that:
  • Asymptomatic contacts were now being tested.
  • The Ministry is ‘watching very closely’ progress with IgG / IgM blood tests (including fingerprick) as a rapid, simple, cheap and potentially more accurate testing method, able to reveal Covid-19 acute infection and immune status.

MoH meeting

We have a teleconference on Tuesday April 14th with the Ministry and again invite members to reply with any concerns or suggestions.

With best wishes,
David Gollogly, Jasmine Mackay, Richard Chen
Pandemic Response Committee