Dear Member / clinic owner,

The number of new cases appears to be levelling off or falling, and the day-on-day percent increase in total (cumulative) cases has fallen from 55% on March 24th to 6.3% today, despite an increase in testing over that time, and is so far tracking the fall off in new cases seen in Hubei after their lockdown.

We’re hopeful of a continued decline as our lockdown continues, but mindful of the need to prepare for the worst.

The College and individual members continue to press for tighter measures to prevent the spread and import of Covid-19 and increased recognition and support of urgent care clinics in countering the pandemic.

Financial support for urgent care clinics

The Deputy Director General of Health (5/4/20) thanked UCCs for their contribution and will be advising Ministers on a ‘broad funding package’ this week, including UCCs.

New topics

Estimates of the percentage of asymptomatic cases

Critical care

If anyone has a background in ICU, or a close contact in ICU, please reply.

With best wishes,
David Gollogly, Jasmine Mackay, Richard Chen
Pandemic Response Committee