Manuals and guidelines

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Application and selection

Fellowship Regulations

Application form

Training Programme Selection Policy

Register with the Medical Council that you are on the training programme 

Training and accreditation

Accreditation Manual

Supervision agreement

Supervisor policy

Academic Integrity Policy

UCC online summary

UCC updates 2018

Optional university papers and courses

Applying for university papers

Learning Objectives

Case review instructions (for trainees joining 2016 onward)

Assignment instructions (for trainees joining 2012 to 2015)

Peer Groups

Research project instructions (for trainees joining 2016 onward)

Other branch clinic attendance

Accreditation activities

HWNZ funding Policy

Fees and invoices for Non-HWNZ funded trainees

Training Programme Costs

Cancellation policy

Registrar performance policy

Clinical practice visit policy

Examination and examiner policy


Recertification manual

Clinical hours requirement

CME points

Peer groups

Clinical notes audit 

Patient satisfaction survey instructions

Patient satisfaction survey form

College approve audit (previously known as ‘optional audit’)

Taking a break from recertification

Recertification  for non-clinical Fellows

Recognition of alternative clinical experience for reaccreditation

Professional Development Plan guidelines

Clinical notes audit – self audit tool

Clinical practice visit policy



Society rules

Governance policy appendix one (Executive Committee)

Executive report 2018

Financial statements 2017

Committee Governance Policy (currently being redeveloped).

Expenses and allowances policy

Facility approval and accreditation

Urgent Care Standard 2015

Facility Audit Subcommittee – policy and guidelines

USC ‘Particular Requirements

Urgent Care Clinics

Approved training facilities policy




Cole’s Medical Practice in New Zealand 2017 Edition

ePortfolio Guide

Log In Instructions on ePortfolio

How to RESET password

How to CHANGE password

How to update – PDP

How to update – RESUSCITATION

How to update – PEER REVIEW

How to update – CME

How to update – CLINICAL HOURS