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Name Change

Change approved

At a Special General Meeting in January 2014, members voted to proceed with a name change to Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care.

Fellows may now use the abbreviation 'FRNZCUC'.


New House Surgeon Training

New House Surgeon Training
The Medical Council is proposing big changes to house surgeon training, including:
- Compulsory community runs
- Standardised formal training
- Emphasis on general, community, broad-based and acute care medicine.

This could mean Urgent Care house surgeons, who would complete an Urgent Care training module. Council sent RNZCUC a discussion document, and the executive has replied. We have also polled Urgent Care facilities and have expressions of interest for around 100 house surgeon posts per annum.

RNZCUC's view is the change could be very positive for Urgent Care and General Practice.

Some of the potential benefits are listed in RNZCUC's reply.

New training programme

Training Programme Changes
July 4th 2011

From 2012, new trainees will have a new pathway to fellowship. Existing trainees have a choice between the new and old pathways; RNZCUC expects that 2010/2011 AMCC students will be better off  with the new pathway, and pre-2010 students usually better off with the old pathway.

RNZCUC has sent a letter about the new pathway to all trainees.

Please contact David Gollogly with any questions.

Other news

HDC policy on 'open disclosure'
This HDC policy is about doctors notifying patients of medical errors.

Wall Street Journal item on Urgent Care
This article gives an account of the development of Urgent Care in the USA over the past 20 years and its standing. NZ Clinics have faced many of the issues covered, including relations with Emergency Medicine, and clinic accreditation.

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