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There are two classes of membership.

Full membership is available to all doctors who spend the majority of their professional time in an approved urgent uare facility.
Full members are generally doctors who Fellows of the RNZCUC or training to become Fellows.
The full membership fee is the same for trainees, advanced trainees and Fellows.

Associate membership is free to all doctors with an interest in urgent care but has no voting rights. RNZCUC sends associate members urgent care updates.

There is no saving for Fellows or trainees in becoming an associate member. RNZCUC charges trainees who are associate members or non-members a training programme fee that is equal to the membership fee.
Similarly, Fellows who are associate members or non-members and are in RNZCUC's recertification programme are charged a recertification fee.

Almost all trainees and Fellows choose to become become members, but doctors who for whatever reason to not wish to belong to RNZCUC may elect not to join and still undertake training and recertification through RNZCUC.

Membership fees
 Full membership
 $900+ GST
 Associate membership

Online Urgent Care Course access
 $180 + GST

Doctors who would like access to the online Urgent Care Course teaching material should email for payment and course access details. Access is at the discretion of RNZCUC.

Membership Application Form

Please fill out the application form below, and send to nz or print and send to RNZCUC at 110 Lunn Ave, Remuera, Auckland 1072, New Zealand. RNZCUC will invoice you for the membership fee.

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Application Form



Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY):

Address - Street:
Address - Suburb:
Address -City:
Address - Post Code:
Home phone:
Work phone:
Mobile phone:


Name of facility:
Is facility open until 8pm seven days a week?:

Does facility have x-ray on-site?:

Address of facility - street:
Address of facility - suburb:
Address of facility - city:
Position held:
Class of membership sought: (Associate / Full / None):


Joining the Training Programme

Do you wish to join the UC training programme?:


Do you wish to enrol in the Urgent Care Course?:


General practice experience

GP when:
GP approx. hours:
GP where:

Overseas (non-NZ) Urgent Care experience

OSUC when:
OSUC approx. hours:
OSUC where:

Overseas (non-NZ) ED experience

OSED when:
OSED approx. hours:
OSED where:

Exemptions from part of the Urgent Care Training Programme

 Holders of the following may be exempt from parts of the Urgent Care training programme. Please give details in 'Other Information' below

I hold recent full ACLS complying with note 2 below:

Current PALS / APLS:

I hold recent Trauma certification per note 3 below:

I hold communication training certification per note 4 below:

I have recent senior registrar experience in plastics and orthopaedics:

Alternative urgent care training:
Optional University paper equivalents:
Other Postgraduate qualifications:
Other experience / other information / supporting information:

HWNZ Funding - note criteria

MCNZ number:
MCNZ scope of practice:
 *See Ethnicity List
I intend to work in the following facilities in the next twelve months:



1) Including one pre-registration intern year & one year including posts in general medicine and surgery in full time supervised positions.
2) Please detail above duration of course in hours, year and provider. Acceptable ACLS course are usually at least 8 hours and include a multi-rescuer scenarios and a trainer-controlled dummy. Please confirm if your course met these criteria.
3) Holder of ATLS, EMST, or the University of Auckland's Immediate Care course may be exempt from CUCP's trauma day. If claiming an exemption, please detail the year taught and provider in the 'Other Information' box
4) If you have passed the RNZCGP PRIMEX examination or have had equivalent communication training, detail above, including qualification, year obtained, approximate hours training and material covered. Such courses should include simulated consultations, delivering bad news, and communication with angry or otherwise difficult patients.

 I give consent to RNZCUC to make any enquiries that it deems necessary to assess the my suitability for acceptance into, and ongoing participation in, the training program, including but not limited to enquiries of supervisors and referees.