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The RNZCUC training programme leads to Fellowship in Urgent Care. It is designed with the needs of part time doctors in mind. Fellowship criteria include four years and 3,000 hours of experience. Up to 1,500 hours of prior experience can be recognised.
The main parts of the programme are:
  - The Urgent Care course and UCPEX examination
  - Three University Papers, and
  - An accreditation process.

Doctors must be fully registered with the MCNZ or other RNZCUC-approved registration body, and providing Urgent Care from a facility approved by RNZCUC for training.

How to join the Training Programme
Complete the online application form.

Cost of training
NZ Residents may be eligible for HWNZ funding which aims to cover trainees' out-of-pocket expenses (including those listed below). As at November 2011, the main costs, approximately, are:
UCC: $7165
UCPEX: $520
RNZCUC Membership / training fee: $800 per annum
University papers (*3):  $1200 each paper for residents; $4,000 for non-residents.
Please note these costs are approximate, exclude GST, and are subject to change.

Doctors with overseas or alternative Urgent Care qualifications
Doctors with qualifications that may be comparable to the RNZCUC Fellowship may wish to apply to the MCNZ for admission to the Urgent Care branch register.
Holders of qualifications such as a Fellowship in an Emergency Medicine College may wish to consider this.
RNZCUC has a process for 'mapping' alternative training to RNZCUC training and prescribing additional training and assessment to give equivalence with RNZCUC Fellowship.
Please refer to the non-NZ trainees page for more information.

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