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What is HWNZ funding?
HWNZ is a government agency which funds post-graduate medical training.
It helps fund training in Urgent Care.
Currently, the funding covers all the major 'out of pocket' expenses for funded trainees for four years, including:
1) Urgent Care Course fee.
2) University paper fees.
3) Yearly training programme fees.
4) UCPEX examination costs - first attempt.

Am I eligible?
Funded doctors must meet the following criteria:
1) Be accepted by RNZCUC into the training programme.
2) Be a graduate of a Medical School recognised by the Medical Council of New Zealand.
3) Have two postgraduate years of basic hospital experience including runs in general medicine and general surgery.
4) Be a New Zealand Citizen or have permanent New Zealand Residency as defined by the Department of Immigration.
5) Have been in the programme no longer than two FTE years beyond the approved programme length of four years.
6) Credentialing by (approval from) RNZCUC.

RNZCUC and HWNZ will consider applications from doctors who do not meet the above criteria case-by-case.

What if I'm part way through training?
The HWNZ contract gives priority to new (pre-UCPEX) students. RNZCUC negotiates with HWNZ to apply any unused funds towards other students' training costs.

How do I apply?
If you are eligible and would like a funded training position, please do one of the following:
1) If you are already on the UC Training Scheme, email RNZCUC confirming your request, and the following:
   a) That you meet eligibility criteria 2-6 above.
   b) The names of the UC facilities (hospital EDs or UC Clinics) in which you expect to work during the coming year.
2) If you are NOT already on the UC Training Scheme, complete the 'Join RNZCUC' form, and tick the 'HWNZ funding' box.
3) In all cases, please supply the following information
   1.    Medical Council number
   2.    Scope of practice (per Annual Practising Certificate)
   3.    First name(s)
   4.    Surname
   5.    Name of Employer / Facility
   6.    Ethnicity
            European nfd
            New Zealand European/Pakeha
            Other European
            New Zealand Maori
            Pacific Island nfd
            Cook Island Maori
           Other Pacific Island Groups
           Asian nfd
           Southeast Asian
           Other Asian
           Middle Eastern
           Latin American/Hispanic
           African or cultural group of African origin
           Other Ethnicity
           nfd - 'not further defined'
   7.  Gender
   8. New Zealand Citizen / Resident

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