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Conference 2008

7 - 9 March 2008, Langham Hotel, Auckland
The first combined RNZCUC / ASEM International Urgent Care Conference was held in Auckland on March 7-9.
The conference was a great success thanks to all the participants, delegates and speakers, and RNZCUC CEO Brenda Evitt's hard work and long hours of preparation.
Conference material
Further material will be added as it is received.
Introductory speech - Tony Ryall, MP
Hyperbaric Medicine - Dr John Duncan
Psychiatry in Urgent Care - Dr Simon Hatcher
Cardiac Arrest made easy - Dr Tony Smith
Procedural sedation - alternatives to Brutane - Dr Garry Clearwater

Article - NZ Doctor
Panel Discussion

From L: Drs Adam Janson (Aus), Ainsley Goodman (Ireland, NZ), Lee Resnick (USA), David Gollogly(NZ)


The Conference theme was the Emergence of Urgent Care, and the panel discussion gave representatives from the United States, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand the chance to discuss the state of Urgent Care in their respective countries, and avenues for cooperation.

David Gollogly
Lee Resnick

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