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2017 AGM



You can vote:

  • Electronically - complete the online voting form below (our preference as it eases the administration burden).
  • By mail - download the voting form here, save as pdf, and send to RNZCUC.
  • In person at the AGM.
  • By not selecting any answers on the online form, and instead selecting a proxy.

If you NOT attending the AGM in person please appoint a proxy

This is in addition to voting here - votes you cast here will stand. The proxy will vote on your behalf for any issues raised at the AGM.

A proxy vote counts as a member being present. Our rules require 51% members to be present. If we don't have enough members present, in-person or by proxy, the meeting may not have a quorum.  The meeting must be abandoned and re-convened.

Please choose a member who you know will be attending.    You may name a person, or an officeholder, e.g. chairperson, v ice-chairperson, treasurer or secretary. The proxy must be a financial member of RNZCUC, i.e. an urgent care fellow or trainee. A chairperson will always be present at the meeting (either the current Chair, David Gollogly, or a temporary chair if he is not present).

Please note the General Manager (Adrian) and administration team (Alex and Gleenly) are NOT members of the College.

Online Voting Form

*  Required

Voter details

Email (use the address we used to send you the link to this page):
I plan to attend the AGM:


Nomination of proxy-holder (or vote to abstain)


I nominate the following as proxy (votes you cast here will stand, the proxy will vote on your behalf for any issues raised at the AGM):


Note - if choosing 'other', enter the name of a full member who will be attending.   If you don't want to have a proxy, select 'other', and write 'none' as the name)


If wishing to abstain, select 'other', and write 'abstain' as the name)


Proxy name:


Notices of Motion




Election of Committee

Chairperson (choose ONE):
Vice-chairperson (choose ONE):
Secretary (choose ONE):
Treasurer (choose ONE):
Committee (choose up to SIX):


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