Clinic Accreditation

RNZCUC has developed standards for community-based urgent care clinics in New Zealand, know as the 'Urgent Care Standard' (UCS). The UCS covers all a facility's important operational aspects. RNZCUC developed the UCS to criteria set by an internationally-recognised Standards authority, JAS-ANZ.  JAS-ANZ accreditation was granted in September 2016.

The UCS was introduced in 2000 and substantially reviewed in 2015.    It contains "particular requirements", which give additional RNZCUC interpretation of the statements set out in the UCS.  Particular requirements, and their interpretation, are reviewed regularly.

A list of particular requirements, with additional information and RNZCUC interpretation, is available here.

Clinics that wish to become accredited should engage an approved auditor, who will advise the clinic on preparation for audit and obtaining a copy of the standard.  Once the clinic is prepared, the auditing team, comprising a professional auditor and an RNZCUC-approved urgent care Fellow will assess wide-ranging aspects of the clinic including the clinic building and fit-out, systems, and compliance with legislation.

Compliance with the UCS can appear daunting.  RNZCUC has attempted to make the UCS as practical and useful as possible, though the need to comply with legislation and current quality-assurance industry practices has led to some requirements the purpose of which is not immediately obvious.

Clinics must be re-accredited every three years.

Facility audit subcommittee

RNZCUC has a facility audit subcommittee ("FAS"), responsible for all aspects of the UCS and its application, including updating particular requirements, revision of the UCS, providing RNZCUC Fellows to attend audits as technical experts, and sign-off of audits.

The FAS has issued policy statements, with additional guidelines to auditing bodies.  The FAS policy is available here.

Variation of particular requirements
RNZCUC's facility audit subcommittee will review particular requirements annually, or earlier if needed, for example, because of a change in legislation, or feedback from the auditing bodies or accredited clinics.

The subcommittee will circulate proposed variations of particular requirements to the auditing bodies and interested parties for comment. After one month, the subcommittee will consider all comments, and make changes it deems necessary. RNZCUC will then publish the change on its website, along with the date from which the change takes effect, and will promptly notify interested parties, including clinics that are accredited or seeking accreditation, and clinic auditors.

Accredited urgent care clinics

This document contains a list of accredited urgent care clinics.

Approved Auditors

Janice McEwan
Email: 029 2347500Cathy Cummings
Email: 021 470 332


Phone: 04 499 0367
Fax: 04 499 0368

Address: PO Box 5088, Lambton Quay, Wellington
6145, New Zealand


Andrea Franklin: Audit Co-Ordinator
Email: 09 274 3525
Web: Fusion Road Flat Bush, Auckland 2016, New Zealand

Health and Disability Auditing New Zealand (HDANZ)Jim DuRose: Managing DirectorOffice: 0800 44 99 11



Address: HDANZ, PO Box 19-541, Woolston, Christchurch 8241, New Zealand